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Enric's Memoirs the bad Historical Relationship between the Brothers his Mother

Enric's Memoirs the bad Historical Relationship between the Brothers his Mother

In En la Sombra, Lady Di's youngest son reviews all the most controversial moments in his family's recent history

Prince Henry does not rule out a personal reconciliation with his family, but he does not think it is possible for him to return to his official duties as a representative of the British monarchy because there will always be "a third party" to prevent it [referring to some of the palace councilors]. "Even if there is an agreement or a solution between my family and me, there is this third party that will do everything possible to make sure that this is not possible," says the prince in an interview with the program Good morning America, of the ABC chain. It is one of the many he has granted to promote his memoirs, which were published this Tuesday

This does not mean, he clarified, that they prevent him and his wife, Meghan Markle, from returning to the United Kingdom, but he does believe that they will make the situation "unbearable" if they go there. "It's very sad because they are breaking the relationship between us," he adds.

Enric's Memoirs

The Duke of Sussex, 38, has been doing a round of interviews to promote his autobiographical book In the Shadows, in which he makes all kinds of accusations against members of the royal family. Among the elements of the book that have surprised the most is the small reproach, he makes to his mother. In one of the book's 560 pages, Enric criticizes his mother's exclusion of him and his brother when the then Princess of Wales granted what is known as the Revenge Interview,

My mother's quote that there were three people in her marriage is legendary, but her calculation was wrong. She left Guillem and me out of the equation," explains Enric, who also points out that he and his brother were first-hand witnesses to all the misadjustments in his parent's marriage, to whom he blames them for raising them in an environment where there was often no affection. He points out that he was always surprised by the fact that his mother was sometimes very close and overprotective while at other times she was distant and they could not turn to her.

Historical sibling rivalry

The two brothers also disagree about the story their mother gave in the famous interview. Guillem, who has condemned the methods that were used to get her, believes that his mother exaggerated the indignation she felt because of the false information that the journalist had provided her. But Enric doesn't quite see it that way. From Lady Di's youngest son's point of view, that mishandling of information only served to get Lady Di to agree to the interview, but not to change her story, and Enric believes everything his mother said there and the dimension he gave it.

In his memoirs, which he dedicates to his wife and children, Enric leaves his relationship with his brother, Guillem, in a very bad light. While it is true that it was known that recently their relationship had degraded a lot, it had not been made public that the rivalry between them came from afar. According to Enric, the disputes between them were largely caused by the institutional hierarchy that affects them. As he explains, from a very young age his grandparents and his parents referred to Guillem as the heir and Enric as the replacement.

This differential treatment of the brothers, he says, haunted him all his life, and he cites things like the fact that Guillem's room always had to be bigger than his own. Curiously, according to Enric's account, it was not just that he felt discriminated against Guillem because the elder envied the liberties of the younger. For example, Henry got to choose the uniform he married Meghan in, while William got married in the one chosen for him by Queen Elizabeth II. These details, he says, are also manifested in more generic matters. "Since we were small, Guillem has always adopted this position [of superiority, as heir]. I have to go there and kneel expressly, directly, and officially. Otherwise, the heir will not help me

Enric assures that, despite the disputes, there is affection between them, but he clarifies that the estrangement began before Meghan Markle burst onto the British royal map. He talks about his teenage years when they both went to the prestigious Eton College. He says that Enric always thought that there their relationship would become closer since they shared the same residence. The reality that Enric explains, however, was that when he got there, Guillem would have told him to act as if they didn't know each other.

The "other woman"

In the memoirs, where he portrays King Charles III as a calm man who tries to intervene positively between the brothers, the one who comes off worst is Camilla, whom he refers to as "the other woman". He defines her as "dangerous" and says that he went to meet her with the same mentality as when you get an injection. He sees her as the intellectual author of the marital failure between his parents and asserts that he always empathized with his father in the emotional sphere, because he could live with the person he loved, but who did not approve of the figure of CamilĂ , whom he accuses of leaking private conversations to the press for his own benefit. Although he and William asked her not to marry him, he says that Charles III answered them only with silence. Finally, he ignored the request of his two sons and he married there During the ceremony, Enric claims he looked at her wondering if she would be "less dangerous if she was happy".

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