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Mariska Finalizes a Protocol to warn Women

Who has Partners with a History of male Violence?

The measure needs judicial approval because it would make public the personal data of abusers

Eleven women murdered in December and four more during the first eight days of January . This is the tragic count of women killed by their partners or ex-partners in Spain in recent weeks. El repunt de la violència masclista més extrema ha disparat totes les alarmes als governs català i espanyol i també als cossos policials, que avui es trobaran –en una reunió que durarà fins dimecres– per tractar aquesta qüestió i millorar la prevenció.

History of male Violence

At the meeting, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, wants to review and analyze what happened in the cases of the 49 women who died in 2022 ( 12 in Catalonia, according to the Generalitat's count ) and study the cases of persistent aggressors and women in a more vulnerable situation. In addition, Marlaska assured yesterday that the Spanish government is already "finalizing" a protocol that will be launched in the coming weeks and that will consist of the activation of a system that allows women who live with repeat abusers to be notified of their history of their partner and the risk it poses to them. The final goal is to be able to follow up with the aggressors more thoroughly with different measures.

The initiative is not new. In fact, Marlaska already announced the intention to activate this mechanism on December 29, after the last femicides in December. Interior has not wanted to overlook the fact that some of the latest fatal victims of male violence were killed by men who are part of the Virgen system, the police mechanism centralized by the ministry that is dedicated to monitoring and protecting women victims of 'this kind of violence and its children.

But carrying out this new protocol will not be simple. It is necessary for the Gender Violence Prosecutor's Office and the State Attorney's Office to study to what extent the right to the protection of women prevails over the personal data of abusers, to avoid any collision between rights under the current law. Meanwhile, Marlaska ordered security forces to step up protective measures and to steer police cases and assessments in favor of victims.

More than 730 women in a "high or extreme risk" situation

The number of cases does not let up and the situation is, according to the Ministry of Equality, "extremely serious". According to the latest data from the Interior, VioGén has 74,656 active files, 12 of which have been classified as extreme risk and 722 as high risk. This means that these women have reinforced protective measures.

For cases that have not yet been registered, the Spanish government reminds us that the 016 telephone number serves all victims of sexist violence 24 hours a day in around fifty languages.

WhatsApp on the phone 600 000 016. If the situation is urgent or emergency, you can also call 112, the police, or turn to the ALERTCOPS application, which sends an alert signal to the police with the exact point where the victim or the risk situation is.

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