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Tobacco users point out that the sale of vapers is approaching tobacco

Sale of is approaching Tobacco

Fashions, as well as habits and customs, change over time, especially due to the appearance of new elements or products within a given market. In Andorra, the sale of tobacco has always been at the forefront, to the point of becoming the only aspect for which certain types of tourists came to the country. However, in recent months it seems that a trend, already consolidated in other countries, even neighboring ones, has hit the table in the Principality. The use of vapers, or vapers as they are also known, has increased exponentially, especially among younger consumers.

"The sale of vapers, especially from the beginning of the summer until now, has been crazy", declared from the 1,000 pipes of Andorra la Vella, "especially the single-use ones, which count with 600, 3,000 or 6,000 holes». Vaporizers heat a liquid until it turns into a vapor that is inhaled. The liquid for vaping (e-liquid) can contain nicotine among other substances, and on many occasions, users turn to this practice to try to quit smoking.

The practicality of the product, it's more convenient to transport, smaller, and that does not need a lighter have been some of the reasons why many regular tobacco users have ended up opting for it. However, "I doubt that it will end up being imposed on traditional or roll-your-own cigarettes, since many countries have begun to ban them, with regulations promoted by the European Union."

In the Principality, there are already places specialized in this kind of product, such as Snowclowds, from which they confirmed this upward trend in terms of the consumption of electronic cigarettes. "We have been in the country for five years and the evolution has been constant, and for 2023 we have even better prospects", they explained to the company. However, there is a difference in consumer tastes. While young people opt for disposable vapers, regular smokers who have switched from traditional tobacco to e-cigarettes see rechargeable devices as more profitable. The price difference between both devices would be between 10 euros and 100 euros or more, depending on the brands.

The debate did not take long to take to the streets, and the fact is that European Commission proposed last June to ban the sale of flavored tobacco that is vaped, which is the main attraction for those under 25 years of age. A report prepared by the institution indicated that the consumption of these products increased by 2009% between 2018 and 2020, throughout the European Union. In France, for example, the increase was 406%.

An irregular 2022

As far as the sale of traditional tobacco is concerned, the sector experienced a rather irregular year in 2022, as various tobacconists in the country have told this medium. In the beginning, little by little and following the removal of covid-19 measures, tobacco recovered from pre-pandemic figures, but the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, which led to the increase in the cost of living, has put a stop to this positive development.

Some brands have experienced stock-outs and tobacco has dropped a few notches on the shopper's list of vital needs. What used to be cartons have become loose packages, although the long differential that Andorra has with respect to Spain or France has allowed the figures for 2021 and 2022 to remain more or less equal.

The keys

1. Rampant consumption among the youngest: According to the European Commission, the main consumers of vapers or electronic cigarettes are young people under 25 years of age. These people usually bet on disposable devices, which contain between 600 and 3,000 draws, and then it is rejected.

2. Tool to quit smoking: Many regular smokers of traditional tobacco have chosen to switch to electronic cigarettes as a measure to quit smoking. Experts have opened the debate about whether it can really be considered an aid, as it can have negative lung effects.

3. Flavors are an attraction: The e-liquid or tobacco that can be carried in this kind of cigarette is the great attraction of the product. From fruit flavors to chocolate and other foods, e-cigarettes offer a wide variety of puffs, making smoking easier and could end the sale ban.

Sale of is approaching Tobacco

The lack of stock and general shortage of Cuban cigars directly affects sales

Smokers with a high purchasing power are still present in Andorra, looking for luxury products also in terms of tobacco consumption. In this case, cigars have been for many years a highly valued product that greatly helped to fatten the general accounts at the end of the year. Unfortunately, for some time now, the lack of stock has been a problem for sellers in the country. The low production of Cuban cigars (the most demanded by consumers) is directly affecting the sector in the Principality.

Havana has been punished by covid-19, the increase in the price of basic products for production, and, on top of that, the arrival of a typhoon a few months ago. The country does not manage to supply the entire market, and cigars arrive in Andorra with droppers. To this has been added the loss of the client from Eastern Europe, due to the war.

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