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Sarah Mardini's Story is one in Which Reality Surpasses Fabrication

Sarah Mardini's Story is one in Which Reality Surpasses Fabrication

Sarah Mardini's story is one in which reality surpasses fabrication. In 2015, she was fleeing the war in Syria in a cowgirl's shack with her family Yusra and 18 other people. The machine broke down and the two girls, professional insensibility, didn't vacillate to throw themselves into the water, tie the ends of the barge to their bodies and drag it between frighting swells in the middle of the night. Three and a half hours latterly they all arrived safe and sound on the sand in Lesvos. Yusra would succeed in the Olympic Games in Rio and Sarah would decide to return to Lesbos to help the deportees. A true story of survival and heroism so mouth-watering that movie directors fought over the rights to make a movie out of it. At the end of last November, Netflix premiered Las Nadadores, by director Sally El Hosaini. Sorry for the spoiler.

Sarah Mardini's Story

Sarah Mardini was in jail for further than 100 days in 2018 in Greece when she was helping deportees. Greek police charged her with mortal trafficking. On Tuesday, January 10, four times latterly, and despite being one of the protagonists of the film, she'll sit in the wharf in a trial in which she can be doomed to over 20 times in prison. However, no bone

Would believe it, If it was a fictional story. 

In a videotape conference interview with ARA from Berlin, where he now lives, Mardini eschews any heroism." The boat was overfilled. The motor stopped and water started coming by. We had to lighten the weight and I jumped into the water. My family and others did as well and we decided to swim along the lights of the islet in front of us. At that moment you do not suppose about anything, you just do what you have to do and that is it. I am a professional swoon and a lifeguard, and I guess I was not ready to die that day," she says. 

Broken nonage 

Sarah was 20 times old and Yusra 17 when she dragged the cowgirl to her lungs. Her plan was to take advantage of the fact that the little girl was still a minor to get to Germany and ask for the reunification of her parents and her young family. They traveled with their kinsman Nizar on a 29- day trip after the Aegean, there were still long days of walking, mortal merchandisers, police armed with bludgeons and aggressive tykes, racist abomination, and manly violence." There were people who treated us like we were a pest, not like mortal beings," Sarah recalls. But there was also a good side the solidarity between the deportees, who ended up being like" a family"." We took turns sleeping to cover each other," he explains. 

Now he has seen his story repeated in the Ukrainian deportees he has met in Germany, who have indeed been eating with open doors" Everyone fleeing a war needs help and in this case, there has been picky empathy, but I do not like to compare. I've Ukrainian musketeers and we have not talked about our guests because we do not have to, it's enough to look into each other's eyes." 

When they arrived in Berlin, they eventually honored them as deportees. Yusra did not give up on her dream of swimming at the 2016 Rio Games. She did not stop until she was accepted into a swimming club in the German capital and induced a trainer, Sven, that she was worth a pass. After all that had happened, the mark of 1.09.21 in the 100m butterfly that he achieved as a representative of the platoon of exiled athletes under the IOC flag, was worth further than an order.

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