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Shakira rips Pique in his theme with Bizarre

Shakira rips Pique in his theme with Bizarre

The new song of the Colombian singer is full of references to the ex-footballer and other members of his family

Finally, this morning has arrived the long-awaited new song and video clip of Shakira with Bizarrap called Shakira - BZRP Music Sessions #53. On this occasion, the Colombian singer has left behind the subtleties of her last two songs – Te felicito and Monotonía – to use all her artillery against her ex and other members of her family, such as her mother or her current partner, Clara Chia. " Sorry to sting you", Shakira lets loose, saying the name of her ex but disguising it (despite the obvious pause) behind this play on words. The song, which in less than 24 hours on YouTube has already accumulated 40 million views, has become the top Latin release of all time on the platform.

Shakira not only refers to Piqué but also mentions her new partner. He also defends himself in a play on words: " Tiene nombre de persona buena. CLARA-mente, no es como suena. Es igualita que tu ". In addition, she refers to the age difference that separates her from her ex's new partner: " Yo valgo por dos de 22. Cambiaste un Rolex por un Casio ". Chia was 22 when she allegedly started dating the footballer. Until now, the age difference had never been a significant issue for Shakira, who is ten years older than Pique. He has been with his current partner for about a decade

Shakira rips

Shakira wants to make it clear in her song that women like her don't stay home crying but face emotional adversity. To do this, his method is to accuse everyone: " You left me as a neighbor to my mother-in-law, with the press in the door, and the debt in the Hacienda. " You thought you hurt me and you made me harder. Women don't cry anymore, women count ." Aside from the reference to Piqué's mother, who has never spoken about her son's separation, Shakira makes a reference to the Treasury that could be misinterpreted, since until now she was the only one who was persecuted for fiscal problems in Spain. This insinuation could be insidious and could raise doubts about it.

Chained successes

Shakira ended 2022 and begins 2023 by sweeping the music industry. At the end of last year he released Te felicito with Rauw Alejandro, Monotonía with Ozuna – both with references to Piqué – and Don't you worry with Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta. And this year has started with the same intensity with which he said goodbye to 2022 and generated a lot of expectations with the new music video. By now, the break with Piqué has been a huge source of income for the artist.

This is, however, the first time that Shakira has collaborated with Argentinian DJ, composer, and producer Bizarrap, best known for the BZRP Sessions and BZRP Freestyle Sessions, which he does with other artists. His collaboration with Canarian singer Quevedo, BZRP Music Session #52, was one of the most listened-to tracks of 2022, and he has made songs with Latin American artists such as Nathy Peluso, Nicky Jam, and Residente.

Elegant reactions

Faced with these references from Shakira to Clara Chía in front of a global audience like the one that expects Bizarrap's songs, the Catalan has chosen to upload a video on Instagram - an unverified account - in which she danced and from which he has spoken a lot For some, Chía is dancing to Shakira's song. To others, he's trying to say that he's taking all this controversy as a joke and that he doesn't care. What is clear is that exposing her in front of so many millions of people as an anonymous citizen is completely disproportionate in relation to the discretion that the Catalan has always maintained regarding the controversial separation of the footballer and the singer.

But Chía was not the only one who reacted with some elegance to Shakira's provocations. The watch and calculator firm Casio, whose name the artist has used pejoratively, has also taken advantage of all this commotion to come out in defense of this gratuitous attack. On his Twitter account, he has pointed out with great success the virtues of his products.

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