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Demonstration against the Spanish French Summit

Demonstration against the Spanish French Summit

The Government, on the other hand, does not rule out that Aragonès ends up having a role in the Sánchez-Macron meeting

Esquerra Republicana will participate in the rally that has called Civil Independence on January 19 in Barcelona against the Hispano-French summit organized that day and will bring together Pedro Sánchez and Emmanuel Macron in the Catalan capital. It was announced this Monday by its deputy general secretary, Marta Vilalta, who defended that her party is "always" there when it comes to defending "amnesty and self-determination" and making it clear that "independence is good alive".

Now, despite confirming attendance, the Republicans have some reservations. One of the convening entities, the ANC, has become a very critical actor against the current Government because it considers that it has put a stop to the independence project. ERC, which is well aware of this, has already warned through Vilalta that it would not understand that "a call to remind the Spanish state and the French that no pro-independence process has ended here is turned against the Government" . "This shouldn't be able to happen," he said.

Spanish French Summit

What the republicans fear, in short, is that a protest theoretically called against Spain and France ends up also becoming a show of rejection against the Generalitat. There are precedents that support the fear. Last December, the ANC called a demonstration against the reform of the Penal Code agreed between the ERC and the PSOE and at the last Diada there were also slogans against the executive.

Beyond the demonstration, the summit itself also puts the ERC Government in a commitment because Pedro Sánchez wants to use it as a kind of staging that the tension in Catalonia as a result of the Process has already ended. In short, to turn a page. The Generalitat completely rejects this story, but at the same time it does not want to completely turn its back on an event that could include a contact between Aragonès and Macron - and Sánchez -. It is easy to find in the newspaper library the images of President Pasqual Maragall, French President Jacques Chirac and Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in the last summit of this nature that took place in Catalonia, in 2006 in Girona.

For now, sources from the Generalitat admit that there have been initial contacts with the Spanish government about the summit, but they say they have few details beyond the date. Despite everything, they point out that, due to the precedents, it would be "usual" for President Aragonès to have a role. There is not only the precedent of Maragall in 2006: at the last summit of this type in Spain - in 2017 in Andalusia - the then Andalusian president Susana Díaz was in charge of welcoming the respective leaders of the delegations Spanish and French, Mariano Rajoy and François Hollande. In a summit of this kind, it will not only be necessary to talk about the political role of each one, but another key factor will be how security is organized.

It will be there together

Once out of the Government, Junts is the one that has no problems either with the demonstration or with taking a position. The spokesperson of the party, Josep Rius, has charged against the meeting between the Spanish and French presidents because he considered that the only intention there is the attempt to organize "the funeral of the pro-independence process" to explain to Europe that this political project is over. For Laura Borràs's party, "the shot has gone in the butt" because the only thing they have achieved is a pro-independence demonstration against it. And with the presence of ERC - which could be there both inside and outside - it will also be the most united in quite some time.

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