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Tamara Falco's reality is the Metaverse

Tamara Falco's reality is the Metaverse

Reconciled with the ex who had been unfaithful to her, the Marquise de Griñón eclipses with her vital surrealism the entire empire built by her mother, Isabel Preysler

 Íñigo Onieva, who at the end of 2022 was unfaithful to her with another girl for five minutes before asking her for marriage, which half of Spain was able to verify with videos that went viral. The tsunami of criticism of Isabel Preysler's daughter for having forgiven her ex after the horns, which left his honor on the ground and generated a wave of popular compassion for the aristocrat, has been quite powerful. The rational - and therefore negative - approach of the majority of people to this gesture of forgiveness has been very evident. But who hasn't been wrong twice – not to mention three – with the same person?

When Tuesday before the cover of ¡Hola! the return of the most media couple of 2022 was announced, and few gave credit to the possible reconciliation. In Spain's eyes, Falcó had been publicly dragged through the mud by her boyfriend and no one thought she could trust him again. But, of course, when the BOE of the Preyslers said that it was true, astonishment took hold of the Spanish mainstream, which has followed this sausage as if the world had to end, which has enlivened our entrance of the year much more than the dress of Cristina Pedroche, every year more impoverished.

Sentimental necrophilia

Obviously, on topics as banal as this, everyone can say what they want and, moreover, they are under no obligation to make any mental effort before expressing themselves, since we consume it precisely so as not to think. However, if we are honest, few can go on talking, since everyone has forgiven out of love things that were rationally unforgivable. In other words, everyone has practiced sentimental necrophilia. Or what is the same thing: getting back with someone who was emotionally dead to you because at that moment you prefer that necrophilia to loneliness or a sense of failure? To a greater or lesser extent, everyone has been there.

At this point, why should Tamara Falcó act differently than the rest of the mortals? In fact, her charm as a character in the heart is that she is erratic and that she always makes decisions that do not make any sense - at least in the economic part... - because she is rich and does not need to do what she has to do nor has she ever done it it is missing before and it will never be needed. Doing things right is for the poor, who cannot afford mistakes because we live on a tightrope. She has always been able to afford all kinds of life dragons because she has always had someone to look after her: her mother in the public facet and her father in the more private part. And he has made this his own both on a professional and personal level. Could anything else be expected from her? I think not, honestly.

A " nanosecond " of consistency

Having said all that, it is clear that those statements she made as an empowered woman explaining that she would not forgive Onieva for what she had done to her even if the kiss had not lasted " not even a nanosecond in the metaverse " have not helped Falcó gain popular support in this new adventure. Perhaps a part of the viewers, the more conservative part, will give it to him for good that he did it after he coincided with his ex at the Rooster Mass, which, according to some reports, would have softened his heart. Others have pointed out that what has definitely softened his heart was a meeting they had on New Year's Eve. There are those who say that the fact that he did the Camino de Sant Jaume also scored as an element of change in her approach to the figure of her ex,

ch we understand nothing. And that is largely the joy of it all. The character is like the 21st-century version of her mother. It is as if Isabel Preysler had read Zygmunt Bauman's Liquid modernity and made it her own. Or, better yet, as if he had become a militant. Tamara is, in short, a unique species resulting from artificial selection that we cannot give up in any way in a pink context plagued by big brothers who want to be influencers and influencers who want to be big brothers.

The other house drama

The most curious thing about the case is that Falcó's plot slippages and his dreamlike reality are raising a smokescreen over Preysler's break with Vargas Llosa, which is much tougher than one could warn from the low attention that is dedicating them To her to lay the blame on Nobel's supposed jealousy would not have pleased the writer, who would also be saying his own, albeit subtly. The version that emerged from his environment says that he had never been so bored as in the eight years he had been in that house because everyone was looking at screens and counting likes and never buying tickets to go to the theater or reading books. This accusation is also curious... Really, he couldn't imagine it? I thought writers at this level were a little more insightful.

Tamara Falco

This week Lecturas also published that the homophobic statements that Falcó made at an ultra-Catholic congress in Mexico in October would have ended up shattering the already devastated relationship between Preysler and the Peruvian author, who never asked her to marry him. A non-billable family event, an unforgivable gesture, which would also have taken its toll on the couple. The fact that Vargas Llosa did not publicly support her daughter after she was openly homophobic would have angered Preysler, who hoped to stop the blow with the supposed intellectual authority of her then-boyfriend.

However, it turns out that Falcó has already passed his mother, who had spent a lifetime building an image of refinement and rectitude that with all the fronts she has open now shows that maybe she was made of cardboard and stone. While it is true that for the last 50 years, Preysler has exploited this public image to the bill as an advertising woman and to sell her novel Rosa Vital by the fascicle, now her daughter does not even have to pretend that she is better than is. Because even if everyone criticizes her, everyone follows in her footsteps. And this is the only thing that matters to the companies that finance his whims. But not because they are the devil, eh, but because the mainstream follows people's lives without ethical criteria. After all, we have the celebrities we deserve.

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