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Video Game addiction rages in Young people but is more Severe in Adults

Video Game addiction rages in Young people but is more Severe in Adults

Inquiries due to excessive use of these games are skyrocketing: in Bellvitge alone they have quadrupled in the last year

Medical consultations for video game addiction represented 3.5% of all visits to the Bellvitge unit in 2021, but last year the figure had already climbed to 15.4%. Jiménez. Bellvitge treats two different types of patients in this situation and age is a very important variable to assess its severity. "The most common is a young man, without family responsibilities and often unemployed, who develops fewer emotional disturbances and has the more adaptive capacity to rebuild. However, there is another subgroup made up mainly of older men who develop a more complex disorder, 

Video Game addiction

The report, signed by the psychologist, shows that addiction to video games is more common among young people. But the consequences of turning gambling into a problematic way of life tend to be more serious in adults, as the addiction not only has a more negative impact on their mental health but also affects their family and work productivity. Like this,

"Undercover gambling on minors"

Approximately 3% of the population is at risk of suffering from an addiction to video games, with severe consequences in the personal, family, social, work, or academic spheres. In particular, massively multiplayer online role-playing video games, in which the player has to spend many hours and weaves a relationship of dependence with other players, are the ones that generate the most problems and have the most addictive potential. But Jimenez also warns about video games that incorporate loot boxes, which are virtual items that are acquired as random rewards – more hours of play, for example – often paying a real amount of money. "They are the antechamber to the gambling game. In fact, it is a form of undercover gambling allowed in minors, because the teenager puts money to buy accessories at random. Because he comes up with the most common and what he already has, 

Jimenez says that there is no need to demonize video games, as for most users they are "entertaining, motivating, stimulating and fun", but as long as they are played with critical thinking. The problem is triggered when the person maintains an unhealthy relationship with video games, prioritizing them above all else and losing self-control over this activity. "And until patients and families recognize that the passion for video games is actually an addiction, they do not go to the consultations of the assistance devices and self-help associations. It can take months," he warns.

When addicted, players spend an excessive amount of time per day (at least 4-5 hours) on the game, and stopping gives them a withdrawal-like feeling: increased irritability, anxiety, and sadness or abandoning other social, school, or work activities to continue playing. For Jiménez, the causes of this addiction are a sum of several risk factors, among which there is personality (addiction is associated with introversion, impulsivity, low self-esteem, or problems maintaining interpersonal relationships ); the existence of other disorders or difficulties, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression or social anxiety; as well as problematic family dynamics,

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